About Original Artwork

Original Acrylic Paintings

  • I have two surfaces that I like to paint on, gessoed canvas and cradled hardboard.
  • I use the finest quality acrylic paints including colors from Golden Artists Paints and Nova Color.
  • Some pieces have multimedia in them including charcoal, wax crayon and graphite pencil.
  • All acrylic paintings are finished with a satin gloss varnish or a high gloss varnish.
  • Mixed media work is on an acid free paper surface such as Strathmore Mixed Media paper, Canson Dartboards, or similar.
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Care For Original Artwork

  • Acrylic paintings are finished with a clear gloss or semi gloss water-based acrylic polymer varnish with Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers [UVLS] that protects interior acrylic paintings from dust and ultraviolet light.
  • Your paintings can be wiped with a dry cloth for dust buildup. Any accidental food splatters (believe me this has happened in my own dining area) can be removed with a damp cloth.
  • Multi media works on paper are recommended to be preserved behind glass or plexiglass for long term enjoyment.
  • It is best that all artwork remain out of direct sunlight, however, I do make a conscious effort to use colors that are lightfast, meaning they are highly resistant to fading or discoloration from sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Framing Original Artwork

  • Paintings on cradled hardboard can be framed with a floater frame. They drop easily into these frames and have enough depth to attach with screws from the back of the floater frame.
  • Paintings on framed canvas also fit nicely into a floater frame.
  • Both supports may be framed with various other frames that meet the depth requirements of the support of the canvas or hardboard.
  • Your local framer is always a great resource if you are uncertain of what to choose.
  • And of course, you can choose to leave the work unfinished. All artwork on canvas or hardboard have either a paint finished edge or a varnished wood edge.
  • Works on paper come to you with a matte and backboard cut to a size that will be easy to choose a ready made frame for.
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