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The beauty of seeing artwork live and up close is an experience you won’t want to miss. This event offers a chance to appreciate my artwork and satisfy your curiosity about art and artists by asking questions in person!

Creative Awardees Celebration

The Haines & Friends Fund is a program that has been a great supportor of the arts here in Southern Oregon. Taking place for over eight years now, this program has awarded a total of 30 grants distributing a total of $65,460.00 in funds.

The grant awarded to me for 2023 supports the purchase of supplies towards a body of work started in 2019. Eight works in total have been completed with the intention of finishing twelve in total. Once completed all of the piece will be exhibited as one collection.

Creative Awards celebration will be Friday June 7th from 5-7pm - 88 North Main St- Downtown Ashland.  

Educated Hoops

Disappearing Landscapes

The idea for this project originated from an exploration of themes in my personal life. These include my experiences as a woman, my children's experience in our education system, our collective witnessing of inequalities in our social system, and the impact of our lifestyle choices on the environment. These are all significant topics intersecting in complex ways, and I strive to find connections between them. Like solving a puzzle, these connections may reveal insights into improving our broken or disconnected lives.

Recognizing the complexity of these issues became more important during the pandemic, during which I experienced online education, government unrest, mental illness, and anxiety among loved ones, with the ongoing challenges of smoky summers and fires too close to home. While these experiences could have occurred without the pandemic, they felt more pronounced once COVID became a reality. As we piece together what was normal before the pandemic with what is normal now, my desire to make sense of the world around me continues to drive my art and this body of work.